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Commercial Steel Studs and Framing Services in Halifax Regional Municipality

Do you require expert commercial steel studs and framing solutions? At Shoreview Developments Inc, we do it all. We specialize in providing steel stud framing services in Halifax Regional Municipality, offering our commercial clients services ranging from light gauge steel stud framing to load-bearing engineered systems. We encourage and advise our clients to consider steel framing projects due to the various benefits they offer, such as higher strength and flexibility in design and its lightweight, non-combustible, and environmentally friendly material. Steel stud framing is one of our primary services, and we pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently and professionally carry out projects while offering fair prices.

We provide a reliable and skilled crew for steel framing, insulation, installation of interior or exterior steel wall systems, steel ceilings, and many more applications using steel studs in Halifax for construction projects.

Contact us for a quote today to start your project without delay.

Why Use Steel Studs?

The use of steel studs in Halifax for steel framing is becoming increasingly common and popular worldwide because of its various benefits over traditional building materials like wood. These include:

           Better structure: Steel framing has become one of the best alternative building materials for construction projects because it  offers a better structure to your construction project and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other material.

           Incredible resilience: Steel studs will not crack, rot, split, or suffer similar damages over time due to their incredible resilience and offer a higher degree of protection against changes in weather by contracting or expanding, thus increasing the life of your structure by retaining no moisture.

           Recycle and reuse: Steel is a highly recyclable construction material, much better than other building materials such as wood. It produces only 2% scrap and waste, compared to wood’s 20%, and is recyclable more than paper, plastics, glass or other materials. It also offers value for money as price spikes are rare for steel.

           Safer to use: Steel structures lend greater safety value to your project than other building materials by providing higher strength to your structure, making it more resistant to termites, fungi, mould, and such issues, as well as protecting against foundation problems, high winds, and damage during earthquakes.

Steel Studs for Commercial Buildings

For commercial buildings, the benefits of steel studs are far more in terms of durability, fire -resistance, lightweight but have more strength, and fewer chances to warp with heat or weight. Steel studs are not just more substantial and more environmentally friendly, but they can support load-bearing walls and interior and exterior walls. Moreover, they are standard across commercial properties.

The International Building Code (IBC) has five different construction types, each associated with additional fire protection procedures, requirements and permissible amounts of combustible materials. Metal studs are not an essential requirement for commercial building architecture but are used to fulfill IBC‘s specific requirements and their benefits. Steel framing is becoming popular for the construction of commercial buildings to reduce the amount of combustible material, and also, the exterior walls need to be non-combustible material. Shoreview Developments Inc crew has delivered several construction projects and fulfilled the needs of steel studs and framing in Halifax Regional Municipality. Contact now!

Reasons Why Commercial Contractors Use Steel Studs

Among many, the top 6 factors why commercial contractors use steel studs are:

           Convenience: Steel is lighter than wood and thus easier to transport and store steel studs at construction sites.

           Easier to install: Due to their lighter weight, installing steel frames is easier than wooden frames.

           Structural stability: Steel is lighter in weight but has more strength and does not warp over time because its moisture resistance could lead to rot or mould growth, as in wood.

           Ductility: Steel's strength and ductile property make them ideal materials for reshaping them into the desired formation. Flexibility also contributes to the holding power of CFS connections for construction in seismic-prone and high-wind zones.

           Fireproof: Steel does not catch fire easily like wood. Hence, it reduces loss due to fire outbreaks in your commercial building.

           Lower construction costs: Steel studs are cheaper than wood, which contributes to lower construction costs, especially larger structures with steel frames can help to save more money.

Steel Studs and Framing Professionals

Professional technicians services for interior or exterior construction projects and commercial steel studs and framing in Halifax Regional Municipality.

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