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Reliable Insulating Services in Halifax Regional Municipality

Insulation is a one-time investment that will save you a lot of pain and costs in the future during the harsh months of Canadian winter. Being an environmentally friendly solution, it’ll not only save you on your energy bills but also help you be more responsible towards your environment by burning less fuel. At Shoreview Developments Inc , we offer numerous types of installations for insulating your property in Halifax Regional Municipality, depending on your property’s requirements and budget. If you’re looking for a skilled and reliable team for your insulation project, call us for an estimate today.

Importance of Insulating Services in Halifax Regional Municipality

Insulating your property or keeping the heat inside it comes with several advantages in Halifax. Here are a few of them:

Environmental benefits Canadian homes today use about 65% of their total energy expenditure for space heating and cooling. An increase in energy consumption is directly proportional to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Installing quality insulations from a company like Shoreview Developments Inc significantly reduces power consumption by decreasing the energy required to cool or heat your space.

Lower power bills A well-insulated home improves energy efficiency and reduces your power bills. An energy-efficient home has a higher value than a home that consumes more power.

Improvement in quality of life Building envelopes that are airtight, well-insulated, and have correctly ventilated structures serve to improve a home's internal climate, which benefits the inhabitants' health and well-being. Insulating the home properly can lead to asthmatic residents having fewer asthma attacks.

Please have a look at our past projects to see how well we do our insulations work.

Insulating Services that We Offer in Halifax Regional Municipality

Although we are happy to discuss with you and provide insulation services according to your exact requirements, there are several installations that we regularly deal with. Shoreview Developments Inc’s main installations include:

Acoustical insulation As the name suggests, these insulations block the exterior sounds from entering your property and interior sounds from going out. It’s a great insulation system for people living in noisy neighbourhoods.

Exterior insulation Exterior insulation is a plaster-like exterior covering that doesn’t let heat dissipate easily from your home, resulting in the reduction of electricity bills by around 20-30%.

Thermal batts This type of insulation comes in the form of fibreglass or pre-cut rocks and is used to insulate your ceilings, attics, floors, and walls. It is one of the cheapest methods to insulate your walls.

Vapour barriers If you are looking to eliminate problems arising from dampness and moisture, installing vapour barriers is a great idea. These are typically foil or plastic sheets used for damp proofing.

Sound sealants This type of sealant can fill the cracks in building materials and create a soundproofing barrier. This sealant is soft and absorbs, making it an excellent insulating material for soundproofing.

We also offer top-notch commercial steel framing services for your construction projects. Contact our team to make use of our framing, insulation, and drywalling services today.

Leave the Thermostat Behind

Our insulation services will help you maintain the temperature without paying hefty energy bills.

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