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Our experienced and reliable crew is always happy to help you with your projects!

Welcome to Shoreview Developments Inc in Halifax Regional Municipality

Are you a developer in the Halifax Regional Municipality? Is your business looking for a reliable and skilled crew for steel framing , insulation , and other interior or exterior construction projects? Then you’re in the right place. Shoreview Developments Inc is one of Nova Scotia’s top service providers for construction projects like installation of interior or exterior steel wall systems, steel ceilings, insulation, exterior sheathing, as well as providing layout and blueprint services. We pride ourselves on our fair pricing and dedication to meeting timelines according to our customers’ needs. Contact us for a quote today and get your project started right away.

What We Can Do for You

Although we offer various services to the developers in the city, our main services are:

exterior view of a under construction building

Our most popular service, and one we specialize in, is steel framing. Being one of the best structural materials as well as one of the most affordable, we are happy to provide quality steel framing services in Halifax Regional Municipality.

workers working on the exterior of a building

We provide installations for insulation systems of various types, including acoustical insulation, exterior insulation, thermal batts, vapour barriers, sound sealants, and more.

Interior view of a under construction room

Shoreview Developments Inc offers premium drywalling and finishing services to our clients. Our expert boarders are skilled in the installation and finishing of everything from standard drywalls to fibreglass reinforced drywalls and more.

Work With Shoreview Developments Inc

Are you a skilled professional with experience in the construction trade? Or are you looking to seek further experience and apprentice with a company that can provide you with the required mentorship? We’re always looking for talented individuals. Email us your resume and we’ll be happy to have you join us if you fit our requirements.

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